The capstone project requirements require doctoral students to make an original contribution to psychological scholarship. Students may choose to do a qualitative or quantitative research project, or can choose other forms of scholarship, such as developing a case study or treatment protocol.


Doctoral Papers/Masters Projects from 2012

Mental Health Effects of Equine Therapy with Children, Miles K. Meason

A Qualitative Study on Successful African American Marriages on How They Create and Repair Attachment Injuries Using Emotional Skillfulness., Akeisha Mitchell

On the Edge of the World: Trauma and Twinship Selfobject Needs in Mrs. Dalloway, Benjamin Molland

Gay Couples Who Adopt Children Who Have Been Abused: Ideas and Interventions From a Self Psychological Perspective to Facilitate the Adoption Process, Dorothy Nguyen

Recovery from Pediatric Brain Injury: A Preliminary Comparison of Longitudinal Data on Psychological Symptomology and Mental Health Treatment, Alexis Osterman Emich

Do Things Change in Therapy That Are Not Measured By Self-report Instruments?, Jacaranda Palmateer

A Self Psychological Conceptualization for Traditional Gender Role Men and Considerations in Couples Treatment, Sejal S. Patel

Fostering Change: Toward Understanding, Valuing, and Informing the Therapeutic Role of Foster Parents, Margaret E. Picard

The Relationship Between Weight Restoration and Maturity Fears in Women with Anorexica Nervosa, Maia Selinger Sidon

The Lighter Side of Anorexia., Jennifer Marie Silva

The Psychology of Adolescent Out-of Wedlock Pregnancy and Childbearing, Marilyn Talmage-Bowers

The Health Behavior Change Competency Checklist (HBCCC): Instrument development and psychometric evaluation., Gillian Taylor

The Use of Therapeutic Assessment with Forensic Populations: Practitioners' Perspectives, Mahlet Tekeste

Narrative Therapy and Stigma Management: Restorying the Patient Experience of Being Told, “You have MS, Barbara Urbanczyk

An un-mounted horse care group for children and youth with an Autism Spectrum Disorder: Recommendations for program development and treatment intervention, Jo Vendl

Exploring How AFFECT (A Family Focused Emotion Communication Training) and Self Psychology Are Mutually Enhancing, Jason C. Willoughby

A Framework for Addressing Psychological Inflexibility Among Act Therapists-In-Training., David A. Yood

Doctoral Papers/Masters Projects from 2011

Cultural conflict: Conveyance of traditional Iranian values and the effects on sense of self of Iranian-American women, Ahou Skibba

Doctoral Papers/Masters Projects from 2010

Dyslexia: Success, Failure, and Self-Concept, Jonathan Barkin

Crossing Blurred Lines: A Training Program to Train Teachers in Appropriate Sexual Boundaries, Jessica Bartels

Women and Performance in Corporate America, Marissa Anne Berman

Adaptive Institutional Transference in the Treatment of Individuals with Borderline Personality Disorder., Bridget Bulman

The Use of Humor in Therapy : Research-Based Training Recommendations, April Davis

Utilizing Evidence-Based Psychology Practice in the University of Denver's Professional Psychology Center: A Proposal, Thomas G. Farrington

Relationship Maintenance in Couples with a Partner Who Has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Rachel Gilbert

I'm Not Who I Thought I Was: A Contextual Resolution to the Identity Loss of Combat PTSD., John Glazer

Understanding Mastectomy from a Self Psychology Perspective: The Breast as a Self Object, Heather D. Greene

Weight-Based Emotional Abuse: Self Psychological Implications for Treatment, Dianna Harris

Reducing Stigma toward Sexual Minorities: Acceptance-Based versus Traditional Safe Zone Training., Matthew Heermann

Applying Positive Psychology in Early Childhood., Elizabeth Hooks

Phototherapy as an Intervention in Identity Development with Adolescents., Rebecca Ilene Howard

DUI program as OEF/OIF Veterans Outreach: Descriptive Data from Two Community-Based Outpatient Clinics, Ioannis Ioannou

Measuring Assessment Effectiveness: The Development of the Consultative Assessment Questionnaire (C-AQ), Erin Jacklin

Trauma Treatment in Forensic Settings: Clinicians' Perspectives, Barriers to Effective Treatment, and Suggestions for Clinical Practice, Kirsten Johnson

The Role of Hope in Rehabilitation and Long-term Outcomes among patients with Comorbid Spinal Cord and Traumatic Brain Injuries., Erin R. Jurich-Finney

Child Centered Play-Therapy with a Child Diagnosed with Kabuki Syndrome, Bethany Danielle Kasdon

Adult Attachment Style on the MMPI-2: Does an Elevated Scale 4 Predict Dismissing Attachment?, James Kemp

Group Dynamics in Sex Offender Treatment Involving Individuals with Personality Disorders, Sunah Kim

Is it a Sin to Talk about Sin in Therapy?, James Langley

Using Emotion to Foster Acceptance: A Treatment Approach for Family Therapists Working with Transgender Adolescents and their Families, Nisreen Mandilawi

Parent Loss in Adolescence and its Impact on Sense of Self: When an Adolescent Boy Loses His Mother., Jennifer Sackett

Comorbidity of Major Depressive Disorder and Somatization Disorder: Base Rates in an Outpatient Psychiatric Sample., Jimmy P. Sethna

A Framework for Conceptualizing Psychologically Healthy Contemplative Practice., Amanda Smith

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy-Based Exposure Treatment of Choking Phobia: A Case Study, Michael Stein

Using auditory hallucinations as a therapeutic tool., Shawna Urbanski

Asking For Help: Vulnerability within Consultative Assessment A Couples Therapy Example., Kelly Wade

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: Increasing Psychologists' Willingness to Assess and Treat Substance-abusing Clients., Brandon Ward

The Relationship Between Feminine Gender Norm Conformity and Purpose and Meaning in Life Among Female College Students., Christy Weller

Therapeutic Personality Assessment with Couples: A Short-Term Therapy Model, Sharon M. Wilson

Exploring Existentially-Based Interventions For Career Transitions in Sport, Michael Wong

Incorporating Multiculturalism in Medical Decisional Capacity Assessment, Yuko Yamato

Doctoral Papers/Masters Projects from 2009


Dance/Movement Therapy: A Proposed Intervention for Meeting the Unique Psychosocial Needs of Highly Gifted Children, Krista Brittain

Quantifying the Effects of Physiological Arousal on Cognitive Screening: Does an Exercise-Induced Increase in Heart Rate Impact Post-test Performance on Neuropsychological Screening Tests? An Application for Sports-Related Concussions, Thomas J. Broadhurst

Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Multiculturalism: An Integrated Treatment Package for Adolescent Populations, Casey M. Casler

The Role of Faith Communities in the Prevention, Intervention, and Postvention of Suicide, Timothy D. Doty

The Master's Tools Still Cannot Dismantle the Master's House: Critical Shortcomings in the Training of Multiculturally Competent Psychologists, Tara Eastcott

A Qualitative Study of Variables Contributing to the Decision for Women of Color to Enter Graduate Programs in Psychology, Reiné H. Evereteze

Bilingual, Bicultural Latino(a) Therapists: The Necessity of Adapted Cultural Competence Trainings in Professional Settings, Miguel Fraguela

"Trans-forming" Congregate Care: Toward Meeting the Needs of Transgender Youth in Residential Facilities, Lisa Michelle Fuchs

A Cognitive-Behavioral Perspective on Clinical Trainee Stress, Debbie M. Garcia

Lesbians and Scrabble: Understanding Lesbian Bed Death from a Feminist Perspective of Science, Kirsten Ging

"They All Look Alike": Own Race Bias as a Product of Language, Abra Havens

Paternal Postpartum Depression: The Male Side, Courtney Ellen Hergenrother

Predicting Violent Behavior in Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury: The Utility of the Personality Assessment Inventory, Robert L. Leach

Concurrent Validity of the Transdiciplinary Play Based Assessment - Second Edition, Keri E. Linas

Mental Health Implications of Acculturation and Adjustment for Mexican Female Immigrants: Four Case Vignettes of Women in Treatment, Merissa Malacara

Culturally Competent Trauma Treatment with Gay Male Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse, Shaayestah Merchant

Walking a Mile: An Experiential Empathy Rejuvenation Curriculum for Medical Providers, Samantha Pelican Monson

Bridging the Gap Between Traditional and Theraputic Assessment: Considerations for an Integrated Model, Kimberly Pfaff

Eating Disorders in Multicultural Populations: Etiology, Assessment and Treatment Recommendations, Millie M. Riss

Interventions for Tutoring Adolescents with AD/HD for the SAT, Robert Rosenthal

Combining Acceptance and Commitment Therapy with Prolonged Exposure in the Treatment of Combat Veterans with PTSD: A Research Proposal, Geoff Schwerzler

The Therapeutic Application of Self Psychology to the Treatment of Complex Trauma, Katrin Seifert

Adult Well Siblings: A Phenomenological Investigation of Their Experiences, Keren L. Sofer

Doctoral Papers/Masters Projects from 2008

Clinical Implications for Working with Gay Men A Self Psychological Treatment Approach., Ashraf Ahmed

Doctoral Papers/Masters Projects from 2007

The Perpetration of Spousal Abuse by Male Combat Veterans: Recommendations for Individualized Group Domestic Violence Treatment for Veterans, Anne A. Alarie

Identifying Overweight Risk and Intervening at the Twelve Month Well Child Exam, Jennifer J. Brown-Morgan

A Meta-Analytic Review of Mindfulness-Based Interventions on Symptom Reduction: A Critique and Guide for Future Investigation., Justin Ross

Doctoral Papers/Masters Projects from 2005

Convention, Tradition, and the New Wave : Assessing Clinician Identity within Behavior Therapy, Brooke Kraushaar

Adding Color to Feminism: White Privilege Within the Women's Liberation Movement., Jessica Lipkind

Doctoral Papers/Masters Projects from 2002

Japanese American Biracial Adolescents and Identity Formation, Camille R. Ace

Doctoral Papers/Masters Projects from 1999

Post-Conflict Maternal Communication, Children's Understandings, and Child Functioning in Violent and Non-Violent Families, Michelle L. Acker

Doctoral Papers/Masters Projects from 1995

What We Don't Know Can Hurt Us: Clinical Inference Bias and Constructed Memories of Sexual Abuse., Liliana Hoyos Kite

Doctoral Papers/Masters Projects from 1992

The Relationships Between Child Maltreatment and Exploratory Behavior Implications for Development., Juanita C. Ainsley

Doctoral Papers/Masters Projects from 1991

Parent-Child Interaction and Children's Self-Concept, Mari Jo Renick

Doctoral Papers/Masters Projects from 1986

Comparison of Couples' Normal Life Cycle Development and Intimacy Distance Regulation, Beverly Brauer

Doctoral Papers/Masters Projects from 1983

Male/Female Manifestations of Narcissistic Personality and Behavioral Disorders., Elizabeth Ann Robinson

Doctoral Papers/Masters Projects from 1979

The Effects of Father Absence Due to Divorce: A Systems Interpretation., Kirsten Akse