Capstone Projects from 2016

LGB Access & Utilization of Healthcare Services: A Study on Denver’s LGB population, Douglas Booth

Capstone Projects from 2015

Integrating Direct Messaging: A Prescription for Improving Patient Care and the Bottom Line in a Specialty Private Practice, Cody Allen Carlin

Assessing the Relationship Between Nurse Staffing Levels and Patient Satisfaction in Hospitals 2010–2012, Christopher L. Dunbar

Approaches Employers Can Take to Increase Employee Participation in Wellness Programs, Evelina Gausaite

Self-Insured Employers and the Integration of Disruptive Technology, David Loggins

Adopting the Integrated Provider-Payer Health Plan Model, Jacob Mentele

Personal Care Aide Training: Setting Standards in Long Term Service and Support, January N. Montano

Capstone Projects from 2014

Food Deserts: The Paradoxical Link Between Obesity and Poverty in West Denver's Barnum Park Neighborhood, Marilee Elizabeth Aust

Establishing Trusting Relationships Using a Curriculum Template to Train Community Health Workers in Order to Deliver Effective Care to Communities, Annette Sawaluk Davis

Development of a Global Health Interest Group at the University of Denver, Jason Johnson Desai

How the Implementation of the Affordable Care Act Affects the Expansion of a Small Medical Clinic, Christine Ebert-Santos

Equine Therapy Programs: Healthcare Organization Management, Angela Kay Joseph-Gaffke

Organ Transplants for Prison Inmates: A Pragmatic Approach, Jennifer Beecher Knight

Quality Improvement Initiative: A Strategy to Increase Medical Professionals' Support on Patient Portal at a Specialty Clinic, Chien Chang Lai

Healthcare Value and Perception When Actual Costs Are Known, Catherine Meaghan Miller

The Next Chapter in Healthcare Reform: Building the Case for a State-Based Public Option for Healthcare Services, Julie Mueller Perla

Using Structured Query Language (SQL) to Stratify a Large-Scale De-Identified Patient Database: Addressing the Top-Down Versus Step-Up Treatment Debate in Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), Matthew T. Sinderbrand

Capstone Projects from 2013

Transitional Ease, Roman Aminov

Utilization of Change Management Principles in Primary Care Transformation, Stephanie Eileen Bewley

Enacting Legislation in Colorado for Surgical Instrument Sterilization Technician Credentialing, Megan Hawthorn Darricau

Integrating Comprehensive Palliative Care Management into a PCMH Model, Melissa A. Dodge-Christensen

The Quest for Quality: Shifting the Culture Toward Quality Measurement Within a Group Medical Practice, Brian Christopher Joondeph

Reducing Preventable Blindness Through Co-Management of Diabetic Retinopathy, Anita Marie Joseph-Conkling

How to Overcome Electronic Health Records Implementation Barriers, Hyea Joung Maeng

Growth in Cosmetic Surgery and the Immigrant Population, Megan Barrett Nelson

Differing Perspectives: An Analysis of the Connect for Health Colorado Fiscal Strategy, Catherine Michelle Sanders

Capstone Projects from 2012

Quality Improvement and Measurement for Healthcare Chaplaincy: What Do Chaplains Think?, Sabrina J. Bolus

Telemedicine Within the Correctional Setting, Jaclyn Marie Crouch

How Health ATM Cards Will Empower Patients and Providers, Yoseph Daniel

The Value of Healthcare Cooperatives, Gabriella Theresa Giorno

The Vulnerability of Protected Health Information: Securing Data in the New Age of Healthcare Information Technology, Jasper Milliken

Patient Engagement and the Baby Boomers: A Case for Innovation in Home Care, Eric W. Palmer

Capstone Projects from 2011

Effectiveness of School-Based Obesity Prevention Programs: The Need to Develop New Innovative Approaches in Schools, Angela Blandin

Qualitative Analysis of Educational Information for Patients Seeking Infertility Treatment, Jesse Feinsod

Improving Health Literacy for Higher Quality Care with Lower Costs, Amalea Karavias

Operationalizing Research Compliance in the Healthcare Setting, Sylk Sotto