Theses/Dissertations from 2015

Cover to Be Unveiled: How Meaning Is Revealed with Sheer Veils in Paintings by Lucas Cranach the Elder, Nessa Ann Kerr

Postmortem/Postpartum: The Intersection Between Fertility and Mochican Ancestral Power, Megan Elizabeth Patton

Marilyn Minter in Dialogue with Post-Pornography, Nina Peterson

Sex, Sin, and Salvation: A Case Study of the Narrative Pictorial Cycle of Saint Mary the Egyptian at Bourges Cathedral, Justin Sewell

Performed Acculturation at Fort Marion: A Case Study of Zotom's Drawings, Kristin Ann Strid

Theses/Dissertations from 2014

The Museum/School Partnership: A New Role for Art Museums in K-5 Art Education, Lindsay L. Anderson

Clarity, Light, and Logic: Parallels Between Olafur Eliasson’s The Weather Project and the Gothic Cathedral, Lindsay Smith Gustave

Theses/Dissertations from 2013

John La Farge as Collector of Japanese Art: Motivations and Reflections, Shara Brokaw

Symbol for a Community: The Dickens Opera House and Theaters of the American West, Kaitlyn Stout Bunch

Academie to Atelier: The Artistic Education of American Women in Nineteenth-Century Paris, Anna Estes

Sea Lions, Sacrifice, and Ritual: The Symbolism of Moche Island Imagery, Meagan Leigh Goddard

The Presence of a Woman: Images of La Malinche in el Lienzo de Tlaxcala, Jesse Marie Laird Ortega

Closer to Life: The Work of Sari Dienes, Natalie McKinney Metzger

The Pre-Raphaelite Female Muse in Julia Margaret Cameron’s Idylls of the King Photographs, Kathryn M. Ninneman

Mind Majick: A Study of the Paintings by Harry Smith, Hayley J. Richardson

Our Lady of Guadalupe: Contemporary Explorations of Personal and Cultural Identity, Kenda Leanne Silbert Keenan

Janet Sobel: Expressions of Experience, Kim Sweeney

Theses/Dissertations from 2012

Blurring the Lines: How Japanese American Internment Camps Redefined Art and Religion's Relationship, Kristin Bueb

Goya's Late Masterpiece: Head of a Monk, Alisia Robin Coon

Graveyards to Glamour: Development of Sexualized Angel Imagery in American Art and Advertising, Kelsey Marie Dignum

Sights for Sounds: The Roles of Illuminated Initials in Italian Music Manuscripts, Mary Elisabeth Irene Kane

The Dragon Tree in the Age of Exploration, Leá Norcross

Discovering a History: The School of Art at the University of Denver, Alisha D. Stovall

Theses/Dissertations from 2011

Art Influences on Mark Z. Danielewski's House of Leaves and Los Angeles's Influence on Johnny Truant, Rebecca Gates

Maddening the Minotaur: Dora Maar's Power over Pablo Picasso, Bailey E. Harberg

Reinterpreting Coatlicue: The Sculptural Narrative of Defeat at the Shrine of Huitzilopochtli, Renée Miller

Lonnie Holley: Exploration and Analysis of His Artworks in Two Settings—the Yard and the Museum, Sarah Mills Nee

Identity: An Exploration of the Exhibition "There's Something About Mary", Molly Watson Nuanes

The Intra-European Cooperation for Better Standard of Living Poster Competition: A Moment in Graphic Design History, Carolina Lee Roy

A Study of the Martyrdom Altarpiece, Michael Thomas Luke Schneider

Exception or Extension? Reorienting the Peacock Room Among James McNeill Whistler's Interior Designs, Adrienne C. Trunk

Leon Tebbetts: An Artist Who Chose to Be Forgotten, Eric Wimmer

Georges de La Tour: The Status of Scholarship, Maria Rose Wimmer

Theses/Dissertations from 2010

Inventions and Industry in the Art of Howard Finster, Karyn Bocko

Out of the Ordinary: Anne Ryan and Collage, Alison Carol Bowman

Feeling the Risk of Global Warming: Olafur Eliasson's Your Mobile Expectations, Erin Cassidy

Pieter Bruegel the Elder’s Netherlandish Proverbs and Sixteenth-Century Dutch Semiotics, Rebeka Ceravolo

The Foundations of the Artists’ Community of Estes Park, Derek Fortini

“Let the American Potter Be a Professional Amateur": Laura Anne Fry and the American Art Pottery Movement, Laura F. Fry

Moving American Progress Westward: Images of Denver and the Rockies in Popular Culture, Jenn Paul Glaser

Illuminating Faith: The Bute Book of Hours, Lori M. Grecco

All the Rest Is Merely Exploitation and Perseverance: The Poster Art of Frank Kozik, Danielle Linsey Lewis

Modern Classics: Andy Warhol and the Renaissance Masters, Shannon McBratney

Black Maps/Vivid Waters: Beauty and Horror in David Maisel's The Lake Project and Terminal Mirage, Micah C. Messenheimer

James Turrell and the Northern Romantic Tradition, Stephanie L. Newton

ENGI, a Work by Tatsuo Miyajima: Keep Changing, Connect with Everything, Continue Forever, Neely E.K. Patton

The Energy of Beverly Rosen Artist, Professor, Risk Taker, Petra Sertić

Alternative Resurrection: Appropriation and Destruction of Cultural-Revolutionary Symbols in Contemporary Chinese Art, Li Shao

Beautiful Victims: Childhood and the Holocaust in the Work of Gottfried Helnwein, Elizabeth Siccone Dicapo

Ambushed Institutions: Artistic Critique of Museums and Banksy's Untitled Series (Museum Donations), Genevieve Claire Westerby

Theses/Dissertations from 2009

Houston Conwill, Estella Conwill Majozo, Joseph Depace: Death, Burial, and Afterlife in Two Installations, Miranda D. Callander

Herbert Bayer’s Chromatics: “A Pure Artistic Theory”, Jillian M. Desmond

Surréalisme Sous-L’Eau: Science and Surrealism in the Early Films and Writings of Jean Painlevé, Lauren Fretz

Arnold Rönnebeck, Denver, and Controversy: A Modernist's Confrontation with a City's Conflicted Artistic Identity, Kaitlyn Elizabeth Hogue

Pollock Is … Crouching in My Pants”: Claes Oldenburg’s Ray Gun as Feminist Critique of the Abstract Expressionist Ego, Beth A. Kwapis

The Dongba Cultural Triangle: Connecting Art and Women in Naxi Religious Belief, Lauren A. McDonald

Developing the Arts in Denver: Women's Roles at the Turn of the Century, Rachel Miller

More Than Just a Lady: Indications of a Pan-Mesoamerican Oracle/Priestess Complex, Annabel Bianca Raab

Depicting Diabetes: Three Native American Artists Confront a Twenty-First-Century Epidemic, Kathleen Ludwig Richards

The Choreographed Self: Analysis of the Contemporary Criticisms of Zhang Huan's Performance Art, Caitlin Renee Schwartz

The Fashionable Horse: Ute Saddlebags and Saddle Blankets 1870–1925, Margaret Mary Sell

Outside In: Representational Space and Virtual Asceticism at the Twelfth-Century Cloisters of Santa Maria de Ripoll and St-Michel-de-Cuxa, Matthew J. Westerby

Theses/Dissertations from 2008

Forming Identity in the New World: Juan Rodriguez Juarez's Saint Rose of Lima with Christ Child and Donor, Kristin N. Bonk

De Chirico and Divination, Natasha Kersten Brandstatter

Playing with Fire: The Art of Lisa Yuskavage, Francesca Fiorentino

The Muse for Degas' Bathing Beauties: Japanese Woodblock Prints, Katherine Ann Merkel

The Painted Rose: Geertgen tot Sint Jans and Christ's Matriarchal Roots, Elizabeth A. Murphy

Living Spaces: Architectural Representation in the Work of Remedios Varo, Katharina Papenbrock

"Returning Fact": The Development of Dale Chisman's Visual Vocabulary Through Stylistic and Geographic Influences, Daniele Robson

Art and Healing: The Self-Portraiture of Alice Neel, Angela K. Steinmetz

Theses/Dissertations from 2007

Understanding the Portraits of Adam Birtwistle, Chiara Hamilton

Potion on a Precipice: The Archetypal Significance of Tristan, Isolde, and Their Love Potion in the Victorian Artistic Imagination, Chelsea Erin Hershelman

The New Scramble for Africa: Jean Pigozzi's Contemporary African Art Collection, Ama Mills-Robertson

The Fruitful Landscapes of Ramon Alejandro, Tina Marie Reyero

German Expressionism in America: The Collection of Morton D. May, Kathleen R. Roach

Jean, Duc de Berry and the Vision of Death: Plague Iconography in Medieval Manuscripts and Paintings, Lisa M. Steed

Theses/Dissertations from 2006

The Virgin of Regla: Diaspora of a Dark Madonna in the Spanish Colonies, Julie Parella Anderies

Neo Rauch: Nostalgia and Critique in His Works 1997–2000, Alison L. Gantz

L'histoire de l'histoire: Hiroshi Sugimoto's Interpretation of History, Amy D. Linker

Daring to Understand the Antique Plate Book Market, Karen Niggemyer

Mythologizing the Body: Re-Viewing Rotimi Fani-Kayode's Photography, Angela K. Pizzolato

African Art at the Denver Art Museum: Elements of Innovation, Jennifer Michelle Porter

Theses/Dissertations from 2005

Re-Membering South Africa: The Photography of Jo Ractliffe, Bridget M. Biernat.

The Search for a Brazilian National Identity: Theories of Antropofagia and Its Influences, Marcela Bitaraes

Andreas Vesalius and the Influence of de Humani Corporis Fabrica on Dissection Imagery and Medical Portraiture of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries, Juliet Jane Farnham

Vance Kirkland's Surrealist Landscapes, Rachelle Pershing Gabbard

Tibet on Display: Spiritual Context and Western Interpretation of Tibetan Buddhist Art, Sarah Jean Getzelman

Explorations of Identity: Annette Messager's Album Collections of the Early 1970s, Karen Gillenwater

African Aesthetics, Man-Beast Duality, Parody, and Satire in the Artwork of South African Artist Norman Catherine, Elizabeth H. Kellogg

A Divine Symphony: The Murals of Walter Inglis Anderson, Helen Bafalon Maloney

Every Image Is a Symbol: Komar and Melamid and the New "State-Sponsored" Art, Leslie A. Melvin

Latin American Folk Art at El Museo de las Américas: The Tragen Collection, Sandra L. Vásconez

Theses/Dissertations from 2004

Pieter Bruegel the Elder and The Seasons of the Year, 1565: Landscape as a Forum for Religious and Political Discourse, Cindy Kelley

A Pioneering Spirit: E. Richardson Cherry and the Development of the Arts in Denver, Colorado, 1889–1896, Meredith McKee Evans

Mount of the Holy Cross in Art: 1873 Through the Late 1990s, Blake L. Milteer

Reframing and Renaming: Three Landscape Photographs by Andreas Gursky, Kirbie Hope Redpath Crowe

Theses/Dissertations from 2003

Angelica Kauffman's Classical Choices: Paintings of Mothers and Sons, Amy Chase

Influences on the Revival of Pueblo Pottery Production, Deborah Faust

The Apogee of Aesthetic Japonisme: E. W. Godwin's Design for the Frank Miles House, Tite Street, London, Elizabeth Lake Lovett

Net Art and Its Users, Karen Miller