Scholarship created by the faculty of the University of Denver's Department of Biological Sciences.


Submissions from 2022


Foldamers Reveal and Validate Therapeutic Targets Associated with Toxic α-Synuclein Self-Assembly, Jemil Ahmed, Tessa C. Fitch, Courtney M. Donnelly, Johnson A. Joseph, Tyler D. Ball, Mikaela M. Bassil, Ahyun Son, Chen Zhang, Aurélie Ledreux, Scott Horowitz, Yan Qin, Daniel Paredes, and Sunil Kumar


Behavioral Responses of a Parasitoid Fly to Rapidly Evolving Host Signals, E. Dale Broder, James H. Gallagher, Aaron W. Wikle, Cameron P. Venable, David M. Zonana, Spencer J. Ingley, Tanner C. Smith, and Robin M. Tinghitella


Poor Acclimation to Experimental Field Drought in Subalpine Forest Tree Seedlings, Alex Goke and Patrick H. Martin

Submissions from 2021


Vps54 Regulates Lifespan and Locomotor Behavior in Adult Drosophila Melanogaster, Emily C. Wilkinson, Emily L. Starke, and Scott A. Barbee

Submissions from 2019

Successful Information Exchange Between Restoration Science and Practice, Lisa B. Clark, Annie L. Henry, Rebecca Lave, Nathan F. Sayre, Eduardo González, and Anna A. Sher

A Video Seafloor Survey of Epibenthic Communities in the Pacific Arctic Including Distributed Biological Observatory Stations in the Northern Bering and Chukchi Seas, Lee W. Cooper, Marisa L. Guarinello, Jacqueline M. Grebmeier, Alynne Bayard, James R. Lovvorn, Christopher A. North, and Jason M. Kolts

Multi‐scale Integration of Tree Recruitment and Range Dynamics in a Changing Climate, Paige E. Copenhaver‐Parry, Charles J. W. Carroll, Patrick H. Martin, and Matthew V. Talluto

Exosome Release and Cargo in Down Syndrome, Eric D. Hamlett, Angela LaRosa, Elliott J. Mufson, Juan Fortea, Aurélie Ledreux, and Ann‐Charlotte Granholm

The Effects of Heterospecific Mating Frequency on the Strength of Cryptic Reproductive Barriers, Erica Larson, Margaret M. Brassil, Jonathan Maslan, Danielle Juárez, Flordeliza Lilagan, Hallie Tipton, Andrew Schweitzer, Joe Skillman, Kirsten J. Monsen‐Collar, and Merrill A. Peterson

Insect Hybridization and Climate Change, Erica Larson, R. M. Tinghitella, and Scott A. Taylor

Cell Ratcheting through the Sbf RabGEF Directs Force Balancing and Stepped Apical Constriction, Hui Miao, Timothy E. Vanderleest, Cayla E. Jewett, Dinah Loerke, and J Todd Blankenship

Sub-nanomolar Sensitive GZnP3 Reveals TRPML1-mediated Neuronal Zn2+ Signals, Taylor F. Minckley, Chen Zhang, Dylan H. Fudge, Anna M. Dischler, Kate D. LeJeune, Haoxing Xu, and Yan Qin

Diverse Cell Junctions with Unique Molecular Composition in Tissues of a Sponge (Porifera), Jennyfer M. Mitchell and Scott A. Nichols

Does this Title Bug (Hemiptera) You? How to Write a Title that Increases your Citations, Shannon M. Murphy, Mayra C. Vidal, Claudia J. Hallagan, E. Dale Broder, Elizabeth E. Barnes, Eva S. Horna Lowell, and Jacob D. Wilson

Single-molecule Imaging of HIV-1 Envelope Glycoprotein Dynamics and Gag Lattice Association Exposes Determinants Responsible for Virus Incorporation, Nairi Pezeshkian, Nicholas S. Groves, and Schuyler B. van Engelenburg

Automated Nuclear Cartography Reveals Conserved Sperm Chromosome Territory Localization across 2 Million Years of Mouse Evolution, Benjamin Matthew Skinner, Joanne Bacon, Claudia Cattoni Rathje, Erica Larson, Emily Emiko Konishi Kopania, Jeffrey Martin Good, Nabeel Ahmed Affara, and Peter James Ivor Ellis

A High-throughput Method for Unbiased Quantitation and Categorization of Nuclear Morphology, Benjamin Matthew Skinner, Claudia Cattoni Rathje, Joanne Bacon, Emma Elizabeth Philippa Johnson, Erica Larson, Emily E K Kopania, Jeffrey Martin Good, Gullalaii Yousafzai, Nabeel Ahmed Affara, and Peter James Ivor Ellis

Geography is More Important than Host Plant Use for the Population Genetic Structure of a Generalist Insect Herbivore, Mayra C. Vidal, Tom W. Quinn, John O. Stireman, R. M. Tinghitella, and Shannon M. Murphy

Analyzing the Signaling Properties of Gar (Lepisosteus oculatus) Melanocortin Receptors: Evaluating Interactions with MRAP1 and MRAP5, Emily A. Wolverton, Marty Kwok-Shing Wong, Perry E. Davis, Brianne Hoglin, Ingo Braasch, and Robert Dores

Submissions from 2018

Elephant Shark Melanocortin Receptors: Novel Interactions with MRAP1 and Implication for the HPI Axis, Emily Barney, Michael R. Dores, Danielle McAvoy, Perry Davis, Rona-Cristina Racareanu, Ayuko Iki, Susumu Hyodo, and Robert Dores

The Generation and Redistribution of Soil Cations in High Elevation Catenas in the Fraser Experimental Forest, Colorado, U.S., Robert M. Bergstrom, Thomas Borch, Partick H. Martin, Suellen Melzer, Charles C. Rhoades, Shawn W. Salley, and Eugene F. Kelly

Evaluating the Interactions Between Red Stingray (Dasyatis akajei) Melanocortin Receptors and Elephant Shark (Callorhinchus milii) MRAP1 and MRAP2 following Stimulation with either Stingray ACTH(1-24) or Stingray Des-Acetyl-αMSH: A Pharmacological Study in Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells, Robert Dores, Michelle Scuba-Gray, Bridgette McNally, Perry Davis, and Akiyoshi Takahashi

Optical Recording of Zn2+ Dynamics in the Mitochondrial Matrix and Intermembrane Space with the GZnP2 Sensor, Dylan H. Fudge, Raymond Black, Lea Son, Kate LeJeune, and Yan Qin

Decomposition Responses to Climate Depend on Microbial Community Composition, Sydney I. Glassman, Claudia Weihe, Junhui Li, Michaeline B. N. Albright, Caitlin I. Looby, Adam C. Martiny, Kathleen K. Treseder, Steven D. Allison, and Jennifer B. H. Martiny

Developmental Experience with Anthropogenic Noise Hinders Adult Mate Location in an Acoustically Signalling Invertebrate, Gabrielle A. Gurule-Small and R. M. Tinghitella

Spatial Modeling Improves Understanding Patterns of Invasive Species Defoliation by a Biocontrol Herbivore, Annie L. Henry, Eduardo González, W. Wright Robinson, Bérenger Bourgeois, and Anna A. Sher

Male Competition and Speciation: Expanding our Framework for Speciation by Sexual Selection, Alycia C R Lackey, Michael D. Martin, and R. M. Tinghitella

Spermatogenesis and the Evolution of Mammalian Sex Chromosomes, Erica Larson, Emily E.K. Kopania, and Jeffrey M. Good

The Melanocortin-2 Receptor of the Rainbow Trout: Identifying a Role for Critical Positions in Transmembrane Domain 4, Extracellular Loop 2, and Transmembrane Domain 5 in the Activation of Rainbow Trout MC2R, Liang Liang, Perry V. Davis, Michael R. Dores, and Robert Dores

Effects of Overexpression and Inhibited Expression of Thymosin, an Actin‐interacting Protein from Bombyx Mori, on BmNPV Proliferation and Replication, Jinxu Liao, Chen Zhang, Wenjuan Ru, Dan Wang, and Wenping Zhang

Chemical Synapses without Synaptic Vesicles: Purinergic Neurotransmission through a CALHM1 Channel-mitochondrial Signaling Complex, Roman A. Romanov, Robert S. Lasher, Brigit High, Logan E. Savidge, Adam Lawson, Olga A. Rogachevskaja, Haitian Zhao, Vadim V. Rogachevsky, Marina F. Bystrova, Gleb D. Churbanov, Igor Adameyko, Tibor Harkany, Ruibiao Yang, Grahame J. Kidd, Philippe Marambaud, John C. Kinnamon, Stanislav S. Kolesnikov, and Thomas E. Finger

Vertex Sliding Drives Intercalation by Radial Coupling of Adhesion and Actomyosin Networks during Drosophila Germband Extension, Timothy E. Vanderleest, Celia M. Smits, Yi Xie, Cayla E. Jewett, J Todd Blankenship, and Dinah Loerke

Quantitative Measure of Fitness in Tri-trophic Interactions and its Influence on Diet Breadth of Insect Herbivores, Mayra C. Vidal and Shannon M. Murphy

Conservation Genomic Analysis Reveals Ancient Introgression and Declining Levels of Genetic Diversity in Madagascar’s Hibernating Dwarf Lemurs, Rachel C. Williams, Marina B. Blanco, Jelmer W. Poelstra, Kelsie E. Hunnicutt, Aaron A. Comeault, and Anne D. Yoder

Differentially-dimensioned Furrow Formation by Zygotic Gene Expression and the MBT, Yi Xie and J Todd Blankenship

Rare Disease Mechanisms Identified by Genealogical Proteomics of Copper Homeostasis Mutant Pedigrees, Stephanie A. Zlatic, Alysia Vrailas-Mortimer, Avanti Gokhale, Lucas J. Carey, Elizabeth Scott, Reid Burch, Morgan M. McCall, Samantha Rudin-Rush, John Bowen Davis, Cortnie Hartwig, Erica Werner, Lian Li, Michael Petris, and Victor Faundez

Submissions from 2017

Endemic Trees in a Tropical Biodiversity Hotspot Imperilled by an Invasive Tree, Peter J. Bellingham, Edmund V.J. Tanner, Patrick H. Martin, John R. Healey, and Olivia R. Burge

Whole Exome Sequencing of Wild-derived Inbred Strains of Mice Improves Power to Link Phenotype and Genotype, Peter L. Chang, Emily Kopania, Sara Keeble, Brice A. J. Sarver, Erica Larson, Annie Orth, Khalid Belkhir, Pierre Boursot, François Bonhomme, Jeffrey M. Good, and Matthew D. Dean

Desert Pastoralists’ Negative and Positive Effects on Rare Wildlife in the Gobi, L. Stefan Ekernas, Wesley M. Sarmento, Hannah S. Davie, Richard P. Reading, James Murdoch, Ganchimeg J. Wingard, Sukh Amgalanbaatar, and Joel Berger

Transcriptome Sequencing and Delimitation of Sympatric Oscarella Species (O. carmela and O. pearsei sp. nov) from California, USA, Alexander V. Ereskovsky, Daniel J. Richter, Dennis V. Lavrov, Klaske J. Schippers, and Scott A. Nichols

Secondary Invasions of Noxious Weeds Associated with Control of Invasive Tamarix are Frequent, Idiosyncratic and Persistent, Eduardo González, Anna A. Sher, Robert M. Anderson, Robin F. Bay, Daniel W. Bean, Gabriel J. Bissonnete, David J. Cooper, Kara Dohrenwend, Kim D. Eichhorst, Hisham El Waer, Deborah K. Kennard, Rebecca Harms-Weissinger, Annie L. Henry, Lori J. Makarick, Steven M. Ostoja, Lindsay V. Reynolds, W. Wright Robinson, Patrick B. Shafroth, and Eric Tabacchi

Verification of Protein Biomarker Specificity for the Identification of Biological Stains by Quadrupole Time-of-flight Mass Spectrometry, Kevin M. Legg, Roger Powell, Nichole Reisdorph, Rick Reisdorph, and Phillip B. Danielson

Quantity and Quality of Available Mates Alters Female Responsiveness but not Investment in the Pacific Field Cricket, Teleogryllus Oceanicus, V. Faith Lierheimer and R. M. Tinghitella

Shifts in Soil Fungi and Extracellular Enzyme Activity with Simulated Climate Change in a Tropical Montane Cloud Forest, Caitlin I. Looby and Kathleen K. Treseder

Drosophila Studies Support a Role for a Presynaptic Synaptotagmin Mutation in a Human Congenital Myasthenic Syndrome, Mallory C. Shields, Matthew R. Bowers, McKenzie M. Fulcer, Madelyn K. Bollig, Patrick J. Rock, Bryan R. Sutton, Alysia D. Vrailas-Mortimer, Hanns Lochmüller, Roger G. Whittaker, Rita Horvath, and Noreen E. Reist

Analyzing the Effects of Co-expression of Chick (Gallus gallus) Melanocortin Receptors with either Chick MRAP1 or MRAP2 in CHO Cells on Sensitivity to ACTH(1–24) or ACTH(1–13)NH2: Implications for the Avian HPA Axis and Avian Melanocortin Circuits in the Hypothalamus, Alexa L. Thomas, Fumihiko Maekawa, Takaharu Kawashima, Hirotaka Sakamoto, Tatsuya Sakamoto, Perry Davis, and Robert Dores

On the Role of Male Competition in Speciation: A Review and Research Agenda, R. M. Tinghitella, Alycia C R Lackey, Michael Martin, Peter D. Dijkstra, Jonathan P. Drury, Robert Heathcote, Jason Keagy, Elizabeth S C Scordato, and Alexandra M. Tyers

Bottom-up vs. Top-down Effects on Terrestrial Insect Herbivores: A Meta-analysis, Mayra C. Vidal and Shannon M. Murphy

Comparison of the Neuroprotective and Anti-inflammatory Effects of the Anthocyanin Metabolites, Protocatechuic Acid and 4-Hydroxybenzoic Acid, Aimee N. Winter, Matthew C. Brenner, Noelle Punessen, Michael Snodgrass, Caleb Byars, Yingyot Arora, and Daniel A. Linseman

An Anthocyanin-enriched Extract from Strawberries Delays Disease Onset and Extends Survival in the hSOD1G93A Mouse Model of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Aimee N. Winter, Erika K. Ross, Heather M. Wilkins, Trisha R. Stankiewicz, Tyler Wallace, Keith Miller, and Daniel A. Linseman

Submissions from 2016

Threshold Dynamics in Plant Succession after Tree Planting in Agricultural Riparian Zones, Bérenger Bourgeois, Anne Vanasse, Eduardo González, Roxane Andersen, and Monique Poulin

Seasonal Changes in Atmospheric Noise Levels and the Annual Variation in Pigeon Homing Performance, Jonathan T. Hagstrum, Hugh P. McIsaac, and Douglas P. Drob

Tamarix Dieback and Vegetation Patterns Following Release of the Northern Tamarisk Beetle (Diorhabda carinulata) in Western Colorado, Deborah Kennard, Nina Louden, Darren Gemoets, Sonya Ortega, Eduardo González, Dan Bean, Phil Cunningham, Travis Johnson, Karen Rosen, and Amanda Stahlke

Rab8 Directs Furrow Ingression and Membrane Addition during Epithelial Formation in Drosophila Melanogaster, Lauren M. Mavor, Hui Miao, Zhongyuan Zuo, Ryan M. Holly, Yi Xie, Dinah Loerke, and J Todd Blankenship

Presynaptic CamKII Regulates Activity-dependent Axon Terminal Growth, Katherine R. Nesler, Emily L. Starke, Nathan G. Boin, Matthew Ritz, and Scott A. Barbee

Conserved Expression of Vertebrate Microvillar Gene Homologs in Choanocytes of Freshwater Sponges, Jesús F. Peña, Alexandre Alié, Daniel J. Richter, Lingyu Wang, Noriko Funayama, and Scott A. Nichols

Development of an Optical Zn2+ Probe Based on a Single Fluorescent Protein, Yan Qin, Deanne W. Sammond, Esther Braselmann, Margaret C. Carpenter, and Amy E. Palmer

Fine-scale Spruce Mortality Dynamics Driven by Bark Beetle Disturbance in Babia Góra National Park, Poland, Gregory J. Sproull, Michał Adamus, Janusz Szewczyk, Gordon Kersten, and Jerzy Szwagrzyk

Selenium in Soils of Western Colorado, Joseph Statwick and Anna A. Sher

Characterization of Melanocortin Receptors from Stingray Dasyatis akajei, a Cartilaginous Fish, Akiyoshi Takahashi, Perry Davis, Christina Reinick, Kanta Mizusawa, Tatsuya Sakamoto, and Robert Dores

Data for Amino Acid Alignment of Japanese Stingray Melanocortin Receptors with other Gnathostome Melanocortin Receptor Sequences, and the Ligand Selectivity of Japanese Stingray Melanocortin Receptors, Akiyoshi Takahashi, Perry Davis, Christina Reinick, Kanta Mizusawa, Tatsuya Sakamoto, and Robert Dores

Tumor-derived Factors and Reduced p53 Promote Endothelial Cell Centrosome Over-duplication, Zhixian Yu, Kevin P. Mouillesseaux, Erich J. Kushner, and Victoria L. Bautch

Submissions from 2015

Long-term Shifts in the Phenology of Rare and Endemic Rocky Mountain Plants, Seth M. Munson and Anna A. Sher

Females Sample more Males at High Nesting Densities, but Ultimately Obtain Less Attractive Mates, R. M. Tinghitella, Chelsea Stehle, and Janette W. Boughman

No Evidence for Adjustment of Maternal Investment under Alternative Mate Availability Regimes, E. G. Weigel, R. M. Tinghitella, and J. W. Boughman

Submissions from 2014

Analyzing the Activation of the Melanocortin-2 Receptor of Tetrapods, Robert Dores and Liang Liang

Structure/function Studies on the Activation of the Rainbow Trout Melanocortin-2 Receptor, Liang Liang, Kristin Schmid, Navdeep Sandhu, Joseph K. Angleson, Mathilakath M. Vijayan, and Robert Dores

Stable Over-expression of the 2-oxoglutarate Carrier Enhances Neuronal Cell Resistance to Oxidative Stress via Bcl-2-dependent Mitochondrial GSH Transport, Heather M. Wilkins, Samantha Brock, Josie J. Gray, and Daniel A. Linseman