Capstone Projects from 2008

A Proposed Environmental Policy for the Evaluation of State Funded Projects for Use by the Utah Department of Transportation, Jennifer Elsken

Assessment of Natural and Manmade Materials in US Artificial Reef Programs, John Engle

Illinois Phosphorus Effluent Limits: Minimizing the Impacts Through the Use of Non-Point Controls at the Springbrook Water Reclamation Center in Naperville, Illinois, William Goerich

The Effects of Oil and Gas Exploration on Greater Sage Grouse Populations, Jeffery Hover

Assessing the Urban Environment: The Role of Geographic Information Systems as a Policy Making Tool for Urban Sustainability, Brian James

An Analysis of National Park Service Policy Regarding Management of White-Tailed Deer at Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky, Larry Johnson

Policy Development at a Local Level to Mitigate Depositing Endocrine Disruptors into Aquatic Ecosystems, Jean Kiehm

In Situ Bioremediation Methods for Petroleum Pollutants in Soil: A Training Manual for Construction Companies, Renee Lagasse

Balancing Wetland Management with the Military: Using Special Area Management Plans (SAMPs) to Protect Wetlands on U.S. Air Force Installations, Scott Lamont

The Rio Salado Riparian Habitat Restoration Area: Managing the Southwestern Willow Flycatcher, Bryan Lombard

Paddlefish Management in Missouri, Marie Martin

The Fish Mercury Monitoring Program in the Gulf of Mexico: Assessing Its Effectiveness at Targeting High Risk Groups, Nicole Mobley

Management of Trihalomethanes in Finished Drinking Water Through Source Water Precursor Monitoring, Tamara Moon-Carlson

Crisis in Solid Waste Management: Is Puerto Rico Doing Enough to Solve the Problem?, Veronica Olan

A Review of Elevated Mercury Levels and a Fish Consumption Survey at Berkeley Lake Located in Northwest Denver, Colorado, Kimberly Pardue-Welch

An Environmental Stewardship Curriculum for High School Students in St. Maarten, Delroy Pierre

Municipal Pesticide Reduction Strategies: A Sustainable Policy for the City of Chicago, Stephen Pincuspy

Maintenance Cost Development for Arapahoe County Parks, Open Space, and Trails Division, Glen Poole

Evaluation of Urban Sprawl and Mitigation of Impacts Along Utah's Wasatch Front, Dana Purrone

The Environmental Costs of Automobile-Centric Transportation Planning, Juliet Rynear

Renewable Energy Generation at Copper Mountain Resort, Jennifer Schenk

Developing a Riparian Restoration Plan for the Simon Canyon River Tract Area of Critical Environmental Concern, Sarah Scott

Invasion, Proliferation, and Control of Invasive Aquatic Plants in Colorado State Parks, Sonja Sjoholm-De Haas

A Cooperative Interagency Management Framework to Address Cross-Jurisdictional and Interdisciplinary Concerns at Alaska's Kenai-Russian River Complex, Bobbie Skibo

Implementing an Integrated Management System (IMS) at an Aerospace Manufacturing Facility, Trent Sorensen

CERCLA: A Case Study of Local Government Involvement in the Decision-Making Process in Colorado, Lynn Wagner

Cost-Benefit Analysis of Performing TRU Waste Characterization at a Small Quantity Consolidation Site Compared to Performing Characterization at the Waste Generation Site, Lisa Watson

Development of the Lake Mead National Recreation Area Volunteer Website, Jennifer Winston

The Environmental Health and Safety of Carbon Nanotubes: Risk, Perception, and Policy, James Wise

Capstone Projects from 2007

Restoration Efforts and Prairie Dog Management at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge, Jessica Allmond

Noxious Weed Management: A Review of Herbicide Use at Colorado State Parks, Kara Altvater

Land Reform in South Africa in Light of Emerging Urbanization, Industrialization, and Globalization Trends, Cynthia Ballard

Challenges in Stormwater Runoff Management: One Neighborhood's Experience, Kimberlee Benton

Energy Policy: Managing Colorado's Future, Mark Blanchard

City of Centerville's Stormwater Inspection Process and Recommended Commercial Best Management Practices for Stormwater Pollution Control, Kimberly Boyd

An Analysis of South Carolina's Timber Product Output and Timber Removals, Consuelo Brandeis

River Recreation Management in Western States: Results of a Recreation Management Survey, Amanda Brashear

Florida's Constructed Wetlands: The Effects of Their Failures on Existing Ecosystems, Jocelyn Brown

Sustainable Growth Through New Urbanism Efforts: The Need for Government Regulated Criteria, Callie Clark

Strategic Environmental Management for the Waste Management Industry, Christopher Cullison

Green Building Along the Colorado Front Range, Jodie Daley

Aiding Private Sector Restoration Efforts for Crown Fire Prevention in Southwest Forests, Christina DiLeonardo

Candidate Conservation Agreements to Minimize Military Conflicts with Wildlife Laws: The Gopher Tortoise (Gopherus polyphemus), Rebecca Evans

Solid Waste Industry's Strategic Approach to Municipal Solid Waste, Robert Fadden

Performance Septic Systems: Does an Advanced Septic System Provide Adequate Treatment on Black Hammock Island and Is There Adequate Regulatory Policy to Ensure Integrity?, Karen Foreman

Review of Desalination and Concentrate Management Issues for Increasing Drinking Water Supplies, Elaine Hassinger

Cleanup of Methamphetamine Labs: Policy Analysis of Colorado's Local Health Departments, Brian Hlavacek

Assessment of a Biomass Utilization Alternative for Colorado State Parks, Wendy Hodges

Mixed-Method Analysis of the United States Strategic Petroleum Reserve: Critical Social Theory and Cost Analyses, Andrew Hudgins

Marketing Outdoor Recreation Opportunities on Colorado's Public Lands: Strategies to Increase Awareness of Information Resources, Ashley Kayser

A Review of the Petition Process for the Endangered Species Act, Shane Kroth

Using Waste Minimization at a Gold Electroplating Facility to Save Costs and Increase Profits, Trevor Kruger

Effects of Annual Spring Flow Events on Abundance of Rio Grande Silvery Minnow, Red Shiner, and Fathead Minnow with Notes on Recovery Needs for the Rio Grande Silvery Minnow, Francesca Liccione

Analysis of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) and the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and Its Effects on Giant Panda Conservation, Danielle Lippe

The Decline of Wild Pacific Salmon, Sharon Mahsman

Delivering Defensible Data: Revealing Data Quality Objectives and Clarifying Critical Sample Management Objectives for Field Personnel at the Nevada Test Site, Catherine Martin

Affordable Environmental Cleanup Actions at Abandoned Hard Rock Mine Sites, Katherine McDonald

Genetically Engineered Crops: A Study of Major Environmental Implications and U.S. Policy, Kim Meisner-Hobbs

Developing an Interdependent Relationship Between Preservation and Recreation: Managing Mountain Bicycling in National Parks, Christina Miller

Leading Safety Indicators: Proactively Monitoring Safety Performance, Lawrence Nordine

Oil and Gas Environmental Documentation Guidance Based on Existing Environmental Assessment Documentation, Alexis North

A Proposed Annex to the Wreck Removal Convention Treaty to Address Environmental Hazards of Sunken World War II Naval Vessels, Craig Petersen

Viable and Preferred Alternatives to Plastic Bag Usage in Colorado, Lara Quereau Robinson

Recommendations for Soil and Water Conservation Programs, Kathryn Radke

Reverse Vending Machines: A Potential Solution for the Florida Plastic Waste Management Challenge, Monica Salazar-Doniro

Coastal Erosion: Causes, Erosion Control Methods, Economic and Environmental Impacts, and Best Management Practices, Amy Sands

The Global Carbon Pricing Policy Solution to Climate Change, Robin Schott

Improving the Success of Wetland Mitigation Banking: Lessons Learned in Monitoring and Compliance, Deborah Stabler

Recommendations for Creating and Implementing Climate Change Mitigation Strategies for Municipalities, Katherine Swayne

Concrete Debris Reuse and Recycling Implementation Plan, Shannah Trout

An Analysis of the Proposed 2007 Farm Bill with Emphasis on the Impacts to Prairie Conservation on the Great Plains, Elizabeth Twomey

Managing Recreational Impacts on the Northeast Corner of the Lake Fayetteville Nature Trail in Fayetteville, AR, Alicia Underdown

Response of Catch-per-Unit-Effort to Spatial and Environmental Factors: An Exploratory Data Analysis Using Generalized Additive Models, Kelly Van Wormer

Regulatory Inconsistencies in the Safe Drinking Water Act: Public Water System Supervision Program in Indian Country and the Effects on Public Health, Melanie Wasco

Rural Development Trends and Land Use Policy in Colorado: Contributors to Habitat Fragmentation?, Jeffrey Williams

Capstone Projects from 2006

The Role of Citizen Participation in Wildlife-Sensitive Transportation Projects, Laura Archerd

Protecting Children: The United States Did Not Get the Lead Out, Kirstie Dineen

Using the DMAIC Process to Achieve Fort Carson's Sustainable Environmental Management Systems 25-Year Goals and ISO Requirements, Michelle Doss

Onsite Wastewater Model Performance Code Implementation Plan, Jody Erwin

The Exploration and Development of Alternative Management Strategies for Mining and Recreational Activities atop Mount Antero and Mount White; Chaffee County, Colorado, Matthew Feier

USS Arizona: An Environmental Lesson, Deborah Ferraro

An Education Package for High School Students on Climate Variabilities of the Pacific Ocean and Their Effect on the California Current Ecosystem, Tabitha Frawley

Applications of a Behavior-Based Safety Program to Environmental Consulting, Alanna Garrison-Kast

Trees as Tools in Environmental Improvement: An Analysis of the Contribution of Vegetation to Energy and Water Conservation in the Front Range of Colorado, Kristen Gray

Nitrogen Deposition in the Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP), Mingzhong He

Management Plan for Chatfield State Park Dog Training Area, Kimberly McAndrews

The Montana Subdivision and Platting Act: Regulating Montana's Land Use and Development—a Time for Change, Tammy McGill

A Cost Benefit Analysis of a Desalination Plant in Carlsbad, New Mexico, Jerri McTaggart

Proposed Improvements to the Army National Guard's Environmental Program, Steven Mechels

Guide to Writing a Programmatic Resource Management Plan/ Environmental Impact Statement for the Bureau of Land Management, Pamela Middleton

Status Review of the Threatened Greenback Cutthroat Trout, Jessica Myklebust

Skytrain and Subway in Bangkok: An Analysis of the Air Quality Benefits of Two Alternative Transit Systems, Orajis Tangtrongchitr

A Watershed Approach to Managing the Natural Resources in South Carolina, Greg Wahl

Review and Recommendations for Fast-Track Wetland Permitting for Petroleum Pipeline Maintenance, Melanie Wiggins

Denver Water, Policy and Economics, David Williams

Capstone Projects from 2005

Managing Chronic Wasting Disease in America: A Policy Analysis, Rick Argo

Development of a Methodology for Determining a Site-Specific Benchmark Dose for Pronghorn Antelope (Antilocapra Americana) Using the Pollutant Hydrogen Fluoride, Edward Baker

A Process Comparison of the Environmental Protection Agency's Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and Safe Drinking Water Act, Elizabeth Bocon

Improving Oversight and Compliance with Federal and State Environmental Regulations for New Mexico's Community Development Block Grant Program, Karen Browne

A Curriculum Guide and Visitor's Brochure for Red Rock Canyon State Park, California, Sherry Brubaker