Capstone Projects from 2010

Aquatic Nuisance Species Prevention Plan for the Boulder Reservoir in Boulder, Colorado, Juliet Bonnell

Creating a Habitat Suitability Index Model for Argali Sheep (Ovis ammon), and Siberian Ibex (Capra sibirica) in Ikh Nartin Reserve, Mongolia, Nanette Bragin

Good Samaritan Legislation Divides Environmental Groups and Prevents Acid Mine Drainage Remediation: An Analysis to Determine Why, with Recommendations to Garner Consensus and Environmental Benefits, David Campbell

Compliance Strategies for Gasoline Distribution Facilities, Grant Clemons

Development of a Household Pharmaceutical Waste Collection Program for Atlanta, Georgia: An Analysis of Risk Factors and Public Awareness with a Comprehensive Collection Plan, Patrice Davis-Duncan

Planning for the Future: Gray Water Supply as a Conservation Measure for a Key Water Provider in Douglas County, Colorado, Tia Lisa Dillow

The Impact of Mistletoe on Urban Canopy and the Effect of Climate Change on Mistletoe Parasitic Behavior, Deanna Dunseith

It's Not Easy Being Green: Guidance for Helping Organizations Optimize Disclosure of Voluntary Environmental Performance While Avoiding Consumer Fraud, Allison Forrest

Comparative Evaluation of Groundwater Management Practices of the Ogallala Aquifer, David Fronczak

Geothermal Electricity Generation in Colorado: Actual and Perceived Obstacles to Greater Implementation, Aaron Gutierrez

Proactive Ergonomic Risk Assessments and Their Effect on Injury Rates and Workers' Compensation Costs, Manda Haggerty

Solar Photovoltaic Energy Project Development on Brownfields: Leveraging Policy Incentives and Project Financing Mechanisms, Victoria Healey

Opportunities and Challenges for the Widespread Implementation of Battery Powered Electric Transit Buses, Michael Hennessy

Integrated Solar City: Application of the Ecological Risk Assessment Paradigm to Inform Reclamation, Graham Hill

Vegetation Changes to the Okavango Delta, Botswana: A Comparison Between Managed and Non-Managed Areas, Sarah Keel

The Effects of Climate Change on Algae in the Denver Metro Area's Drinking Water Reservoirs, Courtney Koschel

An Analysis of U.S. Air Force Policy and Installation CO2 Emissions to Determine Best Practices for the Implementation of Executive Order 13514, Brock Lange

The Effectiveness of Rain Gardens as a Low-Impact Development Strategy for Storm Water Pollution Reduction in Western Washington, Drew Lohmann

Land Use Practices Near Tributary Rivers and Their Influence on Duckweed (Lemna obscura) Bloom in the Southern Part of Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela: Sustainable Solutions to Address the Issue, Jennifer Mac Carthy Johnson

Policy Changes to the Federal and State Management of Subsistence Hunting and Fishing in Alaska, Jennifer T. Miller

Mangrove, Crab, and Shorebird Activity as Bioindicators to the Health Status of Mangrove Ecosystems Along the Surinamese Coastline, South America, Devika Narain

To Repair or Remove Oyster River Dam: A Case Study of Small Dam Preservation in New Hampshire, Rachel Neild

An Analysis of Effective Components of Climate Change Policies in Three Colorado Counties, Catherine Pagano

Green Animal Shelter Design for the Stokes County Humane Society of North Carolina, Jeannine Perrault-Manuel

Administrative Capacity Baseline Evaluation Criteria Design for U.S Environmental Protection Agency Region 8 Indian General Assistance Program, Rebecca Perrin

Designing Ecotourism in Gabon to Achieve Natural Resource and Biodiversity Conservation, Elizabeth Prazeres

A Mountain Pine Beetle Awareness Manual and Community Wildfire Protection Plan for Hot Sulphur Springs-Parshall Fire Protection District and Williams Fork Valley in Grand County, Colorado, Christopher Rea

Foreseeing California's Future in Fine-Wine Viticulture in Light of Climate Change, Crystal Schiffbauer

Comparing Industry Incentives Versus Industry Impacts of Hydrocarbon Development Within the ITT Oil Block of Ecuador's Yasuni National Park, Nathan Skinner

Integration of Building into Nature for the Valles Caldera National Preserve Visitor Center, Patricia Steinholtz

Public Outreach for Curing Salt Lake City's Bad Air Quality, Rachel Tew

Developing a Citizen Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program for the Flathead Basin in Northwestern Montana for the Early Detection and Prevention of the Introduction of Zebra Mussels and Other Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS), John Wachsmuth

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and Green Environmental Management System (GEMS) Compliance and Implementation for Portland Veterans Administration Medical Center (PVAMC), Portland Oregon, Medical Center Memorandums, Jason Wallen

Construction of a Sustainable City Park in Ruddle, WV: A Model for Sustainable Park Design in Humid Climates, Sorchae Washburn

Regulation of the Amphibian and Reptile Trade in Texas: A Review of the White and Black Lists with Recommendations for Improvement, Michael Welker

Remaking Movie Making: The Environmental Impacts of the Film Industry in Southern California, Sarah Wingert

Behavior-Based Safety: Developing a Regional Guidance, John Yasenchak

Capstone Projects from 2009

The Creation of a Legal Ordinance and Program Manual for the Purpose of Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination, Ryan Adrian

A Policy Analysis of Geothermal Resources in Utah, Erik Anderson

Carbon Sequestration, Sustainable Development, and the Kyoto Protocol's Clean Development Mechanism: Implications for Reforestation Projects in Afghanistan, Nadia Aslami

Superfund: An Analysis of Its Past Performance in Order to Make Future Improvements, Kathleen Atencio

The Adequacy of Wildlife Management on an Endangered Species: A Design Template for Ecosystems Management in Alabama, Stephen Barrott

Conservation Easement Tax Credit Abuse: Recommendations for Colorado Policy Makers, Jordan Beezley

Climate Change Policy & the Natural Gas Transmission Sector, Lisa Carty

Improving Colorado Mountain Highway Culvert Stream Crossings for Trout Passage, Craig Clark

An Adaptation Scheme for Climate Change Effects on the Biodiversity Within a Montane Wet Ecosystem in East Maui, Hawaii, Alison Cohan

A Case Study: Recycling in the Residence Halls at Howard University, Emily Dippold

Improving Urban Park Design: A Comparative and Analytical Study Addressing Resources Available and Components Necessary to Improve the Environmental and Economic Sustainability of Urban Parks, Adrienne Dorsey

Promoting Environmental Stewardship in Poudre School District's Elementary Classrooms, Natasha Dueno

A Case Study of the Economic and Environmental Impacts from a Bio-Fuel Facility (Southwest Georgia Ethanol, LLC) on the Surrounding Communities, Southwest Georgia, Jessie Edgar

Assessment of the Potential Environmental Impact of a Green Ash Borer Infestation in Denver, Colorado, Britt Gamboa

Alternative Energy at a Steel Mill, R. Kelly George

Environmental Impact Labeling and Certification of Consumer Products in Recreation and Tourism, Gregory Goetz

Environmental Performance Evaluation and Implementation Assessment of Zion National Park's Environmental Management System, Deirdre Hanners

Comparison of Wildlife Impacts Associated with Uranium In-Situ Recovery and Wind Farms in Wyoming, Nicholas Hines

An Investigation of Ozone Related Data and Development of a Model to Evaluate Ozone Episodes for Exceptional Event Criteria, John Jacobs

A Physical and Social Study of Mountain Bike Use on Five Segments of the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail in Colorado, Starr Jamison

Integration of Sustainable Development Principles into a Community Park, Daren Johnston

Comprehensive Greenhouse Gas Management for the Electric Generating Industry, Christene Klimek

A Model and Its Application for Small-Scale Development Projects in Underdeveloped Countries to Enhance Environmental Health and Safety, David Levine

Ecoliteracy in America's Schools: Factors for Successful Implementation, Allie Marshall

Sustainable Recommendations for the Tape and Label Industry, Michael McLain

Potential Adverse Effects of the Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline on Arctic Caribou and Proposed Mitigation, Amy McLeod

The Impacts of National Culture on Safety Culture in the Global Oil and Gas Industry, Steve Merritt

Renewable Energies and Community Associations: Providing Homeowners with Renewable Energy Options, Suzanne Muegge

EPA Performance Track, Karen Nielsen

Complexity of Individual 404 Permits Requires Improved Process, Priscilla Perry

The Effects Municipal Growth and Development Have on the Black Bear (Ursus americanus) Population of Sussex County, New Jersey, Iva Pittman

Prevalence of Chronic Wasting Disease in Post-Burn Areas, Scott Quayle

Sustainability in the Upper Colorado River Basin: A Struggle Between Water Resource Use and Remnants of the Natural Ecosystem, Annette Shinn Haugh

Comprehensive Reclamation Strategy for Oil & Gas Exploration and Production Operations, Heather Smith

Developing Successful Partnerships for Landfill Gas to Energy Projects with Methane and Land Reuse Applications, Tina Smith

Using the Benefits and Shortcomings of Existing Systems to Create a Sustainable Plastic Bag Eradication Program, James Starritt

Utah's Renewable Energy: A Permitting Plan for the Movement of Solar Energy from the Source to the Grid, Kira Thomas

Renewable Energy Systems in the City of Northglenn: Draft Zoning Ordinance and Resident Pamphlet, Shannon Turk

Utilization of ADR Concepts to Bridge the Gap Between the Extractive Industry and Environmental Interests: An Anticipatory Cooperative Effort (ACE), Patrick Walsh

A Community Analysis of the Implementation for Household Curbside Recycling Programs: A Diversionary Method to Control Municipal Solid Waste, Kathryn Zelenak