Capstone Projects from 2016

Data Visualization of U.S. Geological Survey National and Global Assessments: A Web Application for Sharing Scientific Results, Rob Miller

Capstone Projects from 2015

Oklahoma National Guard Website Redesign: Modernizing the Web Presence for the Public Audiences, Christopher Bruce


The Redesign of Memorable Mementos: Optimization for Success, Tiffany De Vore

Evaluating Mobile Usability Guidelines, Matthew Ryan Edgar

Effective Strategies for Building Modern Web Applications: Employing Innovative Techniques in Requirements Gathering, Design, and Development Methods to Improve Software Development, Gary Paul Luehr

Save the World! One Game at a Time - A Sustainable Mobile Video Game Business Plan for Indie Developers with Emphasis on Social Value, Andrew Swallows

Capstone Projects from 2013

Analysis and Solution of a Mobile Application Privacy Policy Organizational Framework, Russell Bryce Roberds

Capstone Projects from 2012

Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems by Sourcefire and Cisco, Sarbhika Dangol

Dangling Man Database Administrator, Seth Truman Dodson

Working Effectively in a Globally Distributed IT Organization, Cathy Feely-Evans

SIP Versatility and Pitfalls, John Charles Gallivan

Implementing Development Best Practices at a National Laboratory, Karl J. Johnson

Technology foundation for a real-time distributed problem-solving environment applied to crisis and disaster scenarios, Kas Ron Osterbuhr

The Relationship between Application-Form Design and Subjective and Objective User Results, Elizabeth Peacock

Capstone Projects from 2011

Agile Organizational Change Model for Information Technology \ Culture Integration after Mergers and Acquisitions, Maysoon Bardini


Das menschliche Problem: Addressing human factors in information assurance, Todd Gustafson

Using Web Usability Principles to Increase the Value and Credibility of Products and Services: A Professional Photography Website, Nicole Hess

Intellectual Property Policy: Creating a Balanced IPR System Sensitive to Economic and Sociological Feedback in Which Creators Produce New Works, Alexandria Lockwood

Evaluating Third Party Root Certificates for Corporate PKI Trust Stores, James Miller

Advancing Scuba Training and Certification Through The Use of Database and Web Based Technology, Mark Sanders

Leveraging The Cloud Using Microsoft's SQL Azure Database Platform, Robert Schafer

Designing, Developing and Implementing the New DU-TSA Website, Chia-Ching Shih

Information Security: Detection, Incident Response and Evidence Collection - The Effective Use of Automation, Vivianne Tetreault

Capstone Projects from 2010

The Rise of Social Networks: A New Threat to Personal and Government Security, Mark Manglicmot

Enabling Online Testing for Online Educators, Douglas Rinker

PMI Program Management and Six Sigma: A Hybrid Methodology, Parrish Steinbrecher

Capstone Projects from 2009

Enhancing a Website through Social Networking, Christina Bell

Disaster Recovery/High Availability Failover Plan for Vail Resorts InfoGenesis Food and Beverage Database Management System, Andrew Haffele

Creating an Online Patient Care Center for Private Medical Practices, Ron King

Customer Relationship Management Tools to Optimize Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty, Barbara Leppitsch

Strategies for Improving Secure Authentication, Paul Nelson

Rudy's Studio: Redevelopment of a Website, Carrie Obermeyer