The capstone project requirements require doctoral students to make an original contribution to psychological scholarship. Students may choose to do a qualitative or quantitative research project, or can choose other forms of scholarship, such as developing a case study or treatment protocol.


Doctoral Papers/Masters Projects from 2018


Six-Month Post-Release Outcomes for Inmates with Traumatic Brain Injury in Supported Community Programming, Elizabeth O. Ahlers

The Hollistic Approach: The Integration of Mental Health into Sport and Performance Psychology Consultation, Kirsten Allen

Life on the Edge: A Qualitative Analysis of Performance Factors in BASE Jumping, Thomas A. Beckett

Exploration of Factors in Inter-Cultural Relationships: A Qualitative Study, Anuradha Bhaduri

Productive or Positive? Exploring the Antecedents of Stress-Related Growth Following Sport-Injury, Mason Blake and Hannah King

Values and Behavior Congruence in the NFL, John David Carlson Jr., Casey Nelson, and Devan Schultz

Satisfaction with the Psychological Assessment Experience, Lauren Chiaravalloti


Cultural Adaptation to Suicide Prevention Interventions on College Campuses, Leisha Marie Chiles

The Psychosocial Influence of SCUBA Diving on Individuals with a Spinal Cord Injury: A Pilot Study, Lindsey Colbert


Training Games: An Application of Game Theory to Clinical Psychology Graduate Training, Benjamin David Cornell

Assessing the Impact of Emotions on Performance in the Sport of Ultimate, Isaac D. Gardner and Donato A. Fanelle


Improve Organizational Commitment by Leading like a Therapist, Anna A. Gibson

An Examination of the Assessment and Treatment of Suicide, Holly Gilliam

A Reflection on the Process of Incorporating Psychological Skills Training Within Strength and Conditioning Programming and Future Implications for Service Delivery, Stephanie M. Hale and Jonathon L. Rowe

Mother-Baby Bonding in the Age of the Smartphone: An Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis, Sarah B. Harmeling

Gravity of Threats: Clinical Psychology Graduate Student Training and Threat Assessment, Ashley Herbst


Working with Transnational Women from Latin American Countries from a Feminist Therapy Framework: A Guide for Mental Health Providers Working with This Population, Diana Hinojosa


Therapeutic Alliance through Person-Centered Therapy: An Influential Factor in Long-Term Utilization of Mental Health Services among Asians in the United States, Lahela Ashlee Rice Jorgenson

A Parametric Analysis of Socioeconomic Status: How SES Relates to Psychological Health, Patricia M. Kennedy

The Importance of "Voice" in the Long-Term Treatment of Childhood Sexual Assault: A Case Study, Jen Kress


A Qualitative Evaluation of a Substance Abuse Treatment Program for Athletes, Megan K. LaVoy


Supervision Quality and Its Impact on Client Outcomes: A Review of Meta-Analytic Studies with Case Examples, Katelyn Leidy Baguez

Removing the Mask of Affection: A Contextual Behavioral Approach to Treating Impostor Experience in Psychology Graduate Students, Lauren Levine


Guidelines for Adapting Structural Family Therapy Approach for Immigrant Generation East Asian American Families, Shijia Liu

No Horsing Around! A Behavioral Critique of Explanatory Theories and Research Trends Within Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy, Sarah Lukens


Utilization of Behavioral Health Services Among the Latino Population, Jennifer R. Mazzetti

A Descriptive Analysis of the Directory of Graduate Programs in Applied Sport Psychology, Michelle McEwen and Caroline Wilson

Program Evaluation and Outcomes of an Outpatient Competency Restoration Program, Leslie M. Musgrove, W. Neil Gowensmith, Jacob N. Hyde, and Leah P. Wallerstein

Domestic Sex Trafficking and Prostitution: Implications of Stigmatization, Rachel K. Nielsen

Self and Suffering: A Critique from the Perspectives of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Zen Buddhism, Jason J. Peirce

Working Towards Positive Change: Developing a Group for Veterans with Physical and Cognitive Disabilities from an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Perspective, Michael J. Petrelli

Reducing Stress in Middle-Level Adolescent Athletes by Teaching Communication Skills to Parents, William Alexander Procter


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy as an Intervention for Adolescent Chronic Pain Related to Pectus Excavatum: A Case Study, Hayley N. Roberts


Cinematherapy with Inside Out: A Theoretical and Practical Guide, Jessica Rosenfeld

Predictors of School Punishment in a Day Treatment Setting, Danielle Therson

A Contextual Behavioral Account of a Multi-Problem Client: A Case Study Exploration, Karmen M. Thulin


Horses in Therapy: The Practice of Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy, Mandi J. Turner

Understanding Changes in Gross Cognitive Functioning and Disability in the Year Following TBI for Individuals with a History of Special Education, Hannah Weinberg

Rates of Embedded Effort Test Failure Among Hospitalized Patients with Schizophrenia and Other Psychiatric Disorders, Jerrold Yeo Jun Tian

Doctoral Papers/Masters Projects from 2017

A Reflective Case Study of a Year-Long Mental Skills Training Program with JROTC Cadets, Sarah E. Beacham and Katherine B. Steinert

Movement with Meaning: A Treatment Manual for ACT-Informed Yoga Therapy, Sophia Ben-Hamoo


Recommendations For Developing Video Games To Address Depression Among College Students, John Bodycombe

The Psychological Benefits Of Gay Straight Alliances For Rural Youth Attending High School: A Proposal For Rural Colorado High Schools, Christina R. Burg

A Therapist's Fallibility and the Hermeneutics of Trust, Joshua Ryan Burg

Novice Consulting: Lessons Learned, Megan Byers and Katarina Miller

Plugged in: Technology in the Field of Mental Health and Barriers to Future Implementation, Erin Caughman

Caregiver Commonalities in the Childhoods of Therapists, Timothy Chen

What Can Be Inferred About Vicarious Trauma Amongst Mental Health Professionals Working With Offenders?, Elizabeth A. Coyle

Evaluation of the Substance Abuse Prevention Services (SAPS) Program at the United States Air Force Academy’s Peak Performance Center (PPC), Gerivonni M. Darden

Different Strokes: an Exploration of the Experience of Gay Athletes as Members of a Master's Swim Team, Eva Erickson and Danielle Wahl


The Impact of Negative Affect and Positive Self-perception on Acquired Capability for Suicide in the Veteran Population, Clara Luisa Fajardo

An Exploration Of Psychological Factors Involved In The Practice Of Writing And Performing Spoken Word Poetry, Elnur Gajiev


Understanding Gender Differences in Sports-Related Concussions among High School Athletes: Implications for Diagnosis, Treatment, and Management, Hillary Grady-Speckhals

Canine Assisted Family Therapy: A Proposed Integrative Treatment Model for Families using a Dog and the Positive Discipline Approach to Parenting, Julie Melowsky Griffin

The Road to Success: Utilizing NFL Player's Attributions to Success to Support Youth Development, Tara Hegg, Premeeta Hirubalan, and Gary Calabro

All The World's a Stage : a Neophyte Sport Psychology Consultant as Performer, Sarah Hudak


A Student's Search for Meaning: The Creation of an Existential Therapy Models Course for Clinical Psychology Graduate Students, William Y. Hwang

Influence of Coaching Behavior on Motivation for Sport Participation: Interviews with Youth Athletes with Disabilities, Margaret Jasper and Kailee Feldman

Where Do We Fit? : Challenges Faced By First-Generation Graduate Students in Professional Psychology, Amy Cheng King

Understanding The Effect of Crohn's Disease on Siblings: A Case Study, Samantha Kluger


Ballroom Dancing in Conjunction with Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy: Increasing Emotional Connections Through Non-Verbal Communication, Shana B. Kronish

Implementing a Brief Mindfulness Program: Two Consultants' Experience with a Soccer Team, Kirra Little and Jonathan Haynes

The Clinical Utility of Incorporating Therapeutic Assessment into the Treatment of Eating Disorders with Adolescents, Sarah Elizabeth Long

Accepting TBI: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Caregivers of Traumatic Brain Injury Patients, John Laurence Mallory

Using Psychodrama in VA Substance Use Disorder Treatment Programs to Address PTSD in Dually Diagnosed Individuals, Kimberly Muller

Entering the World of Tennis Coaching: Interpersonal Issues in Coach to Coach interaction, Ted Nilsson and Motohiro Ban

The Trailing Partner and the Experience of Elective Relocation, Timothy A. Pasternak

An Intersubjective Systems Perspective On Compulsive Sexuality, Jennifer M. Paul

Consistent Utilization of Healthcare Predicts a Reduction in Problem Behaviors in a Population of Children in Foster Care who have Experienced Maltreatment, Marc Jonathan Perkel

Perceived Resources in Collegiate and Professional Sport Domains, Emily Peterman Cabano and Jackie Dingeldein

Treatment Of Latino Sex Offenders: Taking A Culturally Sensitive Treatment Approach, Christina Rascon


Mental Skills Training in Martial Arts, Megan Rinderer and Adam Bernero

Developing a Holistic Athlete: A Consultant's Reflections on implementing PETTLEP Imagery, Tavia Rutherford

The Experience of Therapist Shame in Doctoral Clinical and Counseling Psychology Graduate Training, Shahrzad Sadighim


Perspectives on Personality Assessment of Children with Limited Cognitive Ability, Jasmine Fayeghi Schnurstein

New Whiskey in Old Barrels Comprehensive Resource Model: A Case Study of a New Trauma Treatment Model, Ron Schwenkler

Gender Role Conformity in College Women: Psychological Consequences of Feminity, Jenna Shlachter

Making the Podium: Examining the Factors Behind Olympic Resilience, Ashley Simon, Cory Helfer, and Scott Anderson

A Behavioral Perspective of Adolescent Problem Sexual Behaviors in Residential Treatment Centers, Bethany A. Vibert

Violence-Related Traumatic Brain Injury In Justice-Involved Women, Kristi C. Wall

An Exploration of Subclinical Trauma in Youth and Adolescent Athletes, Carly J. Walters

Development of U.S. Norms for Affective Quality in the Crisi Wartegg System, Alyssa Weber

Bringing Trauma-Informed Practice to Substance Abuse Programs: A Qualitative Analysis of Current Approaches, Suzanne Williams

Doctoral Papers/Masters Projects from 2016


Center of Attention: a Qualitative Study of the Responses of LGBQ Students to a Graduate-Level LGBTQ Diversity Training Course, Shoshana N. Aal

Contextual Behavioral Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Case Study Example, Christina Aegerter

A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Dropout and Engagement in Female Competitive Swimmers, Alena Anderson, Allison Elber, and Jimena González Menendez

Parents' Perceptions of their Roles in a Competitive Youth Swim Club: an Exploratory Study, Erin Carmone and Seth Swary

Correlates of Program Completion in Juvenile Diversion, Mariya Dvoskina

Applying Intersubjective System Theory in a University Counseling Center, Kritika Dwivedi

Treatment Outcomes for Hospitalized Adolescents: Considering Borderline Personality Disorder Traits as a Predictor of Poor Outcomes, Amelia Chianese Ehmer

MEGAme: A Proposal for an Innovative Technological Application for Siblings of Pediatric Cancer Patients, Abbey Fox

Perceptions of How Motorcycle Road Racing Team Relationships Affect Rider Performance, Joseph Fritz

Sensitivity and Specificity of the Ohio State University Traumatic Brain Injury Identification Method (OSU TBI-ID) to Neuropsychological Impairment, Nicole Glover

A Comparison of Self-Concept Between Competitive Video Game Players and Nonvideo Game Players, David Gofman


Relational Frame Theory: Implications for Training Perspective-Taking and Empathy in Children with High Functioning Autism, Lyssa Haase

Cognitive Predictors of Community Participation at 1, 2, and 5 Years After Moderate to Severe Traumatic Brain Injury, Thida Han

Pressure: Expanding how we View Psychological Pressure in Sport, Mads Hegelund, Haily Humphrey, and Jay Thooft Thooft

Complex Developmental Trauma in Children: The Utility of the Trauma Content Index and Critical Contents on the Rorschach, Anna Kelley

Religious Homogamy and the Quality of Dating Relationships, Hannah Koch


Exploring Shame and Guilt in HIV-Positive Women in Southern India, Mitra L. Lebastchi