Capstone Projects from 2019

Using Appreciative Inquiry Method to Help Retain Talented Female Officers in the U.S. Army, Allyson M. Schmidt

Capstone Projects from 2014

Transforming Human Resources into a Strategic Business Partner Through a Global Talent Management Framework, Abdul Rahim Nasser Ali Al Kalbani

The Impact of Assessing HR Employee Performance Based on Competency Matrixes, Bashaer Jamal Baker A AlMatrooshi

The Impact of Nurse Manager Work Load Issues on Retention, Mallory Thompson

Capstone Projects from 2013

Strategic Human Resources Management: Succession Planning in the Nonprofit Business Sector, Judith Ann Brown

Developing Cultural Competence Training in the Clinical Health Care Setting, Nicole E. Carmickle

Implementation of an Employee Wellness Program on a Global Basis, Jennifer Michelle Ito

Addressing Global Human Resource Management Challenges Faced by U.S.-Based Business Process Outsourcing Companies Nearshoring to Honduras, Grecia Lorena Rivera Antunez

Transforming Traditional HR: Designing a Strategic Human Resources Structure, Joshua Lee Tribble

Capstone Projects from 2012

Reverse Age Discrimination in the 2012 Workplace: Real or Perceived Issue?, Lauren K. Carnahan

HR Equipped for Change, Bryan D. Fischer

Employer Branding in a Merger, Jaclyn N. Haack

Employee Motivation Through the Use of Material and Non-Material Incentives, Sylwia M. Jasik-Zawadzki

Utilization of Compensation/Benefits Strategy and Programming for Employee Motivation, Yuxin Liu

Training Virtual Employees, Madhavi Pitani

The Link Between Corporate Culture and Gender Parity in Executive Leadership Positions, Lisa Ponder

Talent Management: Total Rewards Strategy for Postdoctoral Fellows in the United States, Yingxia Xiao

An Evaluation of Talent Management Strategies Used by Foreign and Local Companies in China, Feiyu Yan

Capstone Projects from 2011

Recruitment Best Practices for Public School Administrators: An Emphasis on the Use of Predictive Assessments as a Hiring Tool, Nicole Burbank

Retention of Sales Employees in the United States: An Investigation of Relevant Factors in a Competitive Market, Rachelle M. Corsi

Managing Layoff Survivors, Tristi Daver

Defining and Measuring Metrics for a Multinational Human Resources Department, Jennifer Evans

Integrated Talent Management Framework Implementation Guide, Michele Ayn Graves

The Future of Employment-at-Will: An Exploratory Look at How the Doctrine Can Change the American Workplace, Laurie Hayes

Organization Development: The Influence of Education, Staff Training, and E-Learning, Ting Yu Huang

An Investigation of Electronic Recruitment in Germany: Toward Efficacy and Opportunities, Christine Kirner-Moenkemeier

Motivation Employees in Work Organizations, Ye Lin

Hiring Manager Training for Strategically Selecting the Best Human Capital, Sean Lipsey

HR Consulting for Small Business, Stefan Francis Martorano

Total Compensation: Identifying Generational Differences for an Effective Total Compensation Plan, Shawna M. Melton

Examining the University of Denver's Family Friendly Benefits Plans: A Look at Creating More Family Friendly Benefits to Drive Employee Retention, Shaunda Norman

Is Performance Appraisal a Necessary Tool for Employee Development in the Nonprofit Sector? An Examination of Efficacy, Jemima Elsie Amponsah Obeng

The Challenge of Ethical Problems in Human Resource Management, Peishan Ou

Managing Resistance to Organizational Change: A Suggested Plan for Success, Kavita Pawar

A Low Cost Retention and Development Toolkit for Engaging the Workforce in a New Economy, Lana Rivers

Organizational Efficiency: Consequences of Layoffs or Retention, Kathryn Ann Rogers

A Business Case for Diversity, Jessica Strong

A Due Diligence Best Practices Guide for Human Resources in an M&A, Katherine Van Ness

Employee Leadership Development, Ashley Warren

Development of a Strengths-Based Model for Insurance Automobile, Property, and Casualty Claims Operations, Tina Wilson

Capstone Projects from 2010

The Role of Succession Planning in Leadership Development, Shehzad Ahmad

Glue Technology: A Blueprint for Cultural Integration, Jean-Pierre Benay

Recession Effects on Employee Retention, Kirsten Blanton

The New Strategic Onboarding Process, Natasha Davies

Human Resource's Role in Leveraging Knowledge Management as a Competitive Advantage, Carmen Delgado-Allmond

Challenges and Opportunities in Managing the Aging Workforce: An Investigation of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Suzanne Eugster

Performance Management: Can Coaching Result in Improved Employee Satisfaction and Motivation?, Volha Ghaemi

Effective Performance Evaluations for Generation X and Generation Y Employees, Olga Gryaduschaya

A Quantitative Exploration of Social Networks: Verifying the Legitimacy and Equitability of Social Networks in Recruiting, Melissa Lyubenko

An Evaluation of Applicant Tracking Systems for Recruiting Efficiency, Fatima Maibe

Alternative Cost-Effective Employee Motivators, Katharine Sealman

A Sound Investment for Employees and Their Employers: Retirement Planning, Reinvented, Edward Tadych

Consumer Driven Health Care: An Examination of the Disadvantages to Low Income Employees, Jayme Vigil

Is Progressive Discipline Effective?, Molly Wilbur

Capstone Projects from 2009

Contributing Factors in Corporate America's Implementation of Policies and Procedures That Protect and Enhance the Work Experience for Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual and Transgender (GLBT) Employees: An Examination of Corporate GLBT Initiatives, Cristie Alexander

Technology Attracts the Millennial Workforce, Sarah Childs

A Qualitative Investigation of Social Network Efficacy Relative to Employee Recruitment and Generational Needs, Erin Halvorson

The Healthy Workplace of the 21st Century: The Benefit of Organizational Wellness Programs on Employee Health and Absenteeism, Michelle Hodges

Human Resources (HR) in the Age of Technology: An Examination of the Relationship Between HR and Technology, Kathryn Hughes

Minority Coaches in the NFL: An Examination of Hiring Patterns as a Basis for Recommendations for Improved Employment Practices, Tristan Johnson

A Human Resource Training Program for Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions, Si-Ting Liu

Industry Professionals Who Attain Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Accreditation: An Examination of Motivations in Human Resource (HR) Training and Development, Betsy Netz

Manager Training and Development Strategy: A Methodology to Link Strategic Initiatives at Washington and Lee University, Cheryl Wright

Employee Motivation: Effective Incentives Targeted at Keeping the Baby Boomers in the Workplace Beyond Normal Retirement Age, Lambok Yuliana

Capstone Projects from 1900

Legal, Ethical, and Cultural Issues U.S. Companies Face When Moving Operations to China, Lillian Solis-Diaz