Capstone Projects from 2011

Recruitment Best Practices for Public School Administrators: An Emphasis on the Use of Predictive Assessments as a Hiring Tool, Nicole Burbank

Retention of Sales Employees in the United States: An Investigation of Relevant Factors in a Competitive Market, Rachelle M. Corsi

Managing Layoff Survivors, Tristi Daver

Defining and Measuring Metrics for a Multinational Human Resources Department, Jennifer Evans

Integrated Talent Management Framework Implementation Guide, Michele Ayn Graves

The Future of Employment-at-Will: An Exploratory Look at How the Doctrine Can Change the American Workplace, Laurie Hayes

Organization Development: The Influence of Education, Staff Training, and E-Learning, Ting Yu Huang

An Investigation of Electronic Recruitment in Germany: Toward Efficacy and Opportunities, Christine Kirner-Moenkemeier

Motivation Employees in Work Organizations, Ye Lin

Hiring Manager Training for Strategically Selecting the Best Human Capital, Sean Lipsey

HR Consulting for Small Business, Stefan Francis Martorano

Total Compensation: Identifying Generational Differences for an Effective Total Compensation Plan, Shawna M. Melton

Examining the University of Denver's Family Friendly Benefits Plans: A Look at Creating More Family Friendly Benefits to Drive Employee Retention, Shaunda Norman

Is Performance Appraisal a Necessary Tool for Employee Development in the Nonprofit Sector? An Examination of Efficacy, Jemima Elsie Amponsah Obeng

The Challenge of Ethical Problems in Human Resource Management, Peishan Ou

Managing Resistance to Organizational Change: A Suggested Plan for Success, Kavita Pawar

A Low Cost Retention and Development Toolkit for Engaging the Workforce in a New Economy, Lana Rivers

Organizational Efficiency: Consequences of Layoffs or Retention, Kathryn Ann Rogers

A Business Case for Diversity, Jessica Strong

A Due Diligence Best Practices Guide for Human Resources in an M&A, Katherine Van Ness

Employee Leadership Development, Ashley Warren

Development of a Strengths-Based Model for Insurance Automobile, Property, and Casualty Claims Operations, Tina Wilson

Capstone Projects from 1900

Legal, Ethical, and Cultural Issues U.S. Companies Face When Moving Operations to China, Lillian Solis-Diaz